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Oven Cleaning

When cleaning your kitchen ovens are sometimes overlooked, even though they are what we use most. The main reason for this is because of how time consuming it can be. The grease, grime and burnt on food which accumulated over time with the general day to day use can be extremely hard to remove.

At Deep we have the right tools for the specific jobs. You can’t look at all ovens in the same way; they sometimes need to be cleaned differently. We use specialist cleaning products for grease, grime, burnt on food and others to just clean. We don’t only like to make the outside of your oven sparkle; the inside will be as good as new as well. We can also clean the hood, extractor fan, microwave and all of the other white goods as well as your oven.

When people come to the end of their tenancy they usually try and save money and clean themselves. Now this is fairly simple for most of the property but you usually find yourself with the same difficult task; THE OVEN! If you haven’t got the right tools then you can quickly see yourself losing your mind trying to get it spotless. If you hire us we can come in whilst you are cleaning the rest of the property and working together we can help you get your full deposit back.

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